Old gaming story: friend of mine has a habit (among others) of attracting death

Long ago we were playing a first or maybe second edition Dungeons & Dragons game when the most dead death even happened.

On of the players had a habit his characters of dying, both for reasons and it just happening out of the blue. The gamemaster had been giving out little bogey powers that grew as we progressed. The likes of prestidigitation at will, a bit of resistance to something, a bit of telepathy, being poisonous if eaten… Let’s refer to the player as K. 🙂 The gamemaster had had enough and K’s bogey power started off with troll regeneration. Back then that was ‘If they don’t burn, they aren’t gone for long.’. Almost immediately he almost died permanently. Pulling thru we continued exploring the underground world. Then it happened.

Some of you may remember an iconic set-piece that really had the power to sucker the players in, a large room with varicolored pools evenly spaced thru-out it. After various shenanigans around the area we headed back to the entrance dragging an unconscious party member. That’s when the argument started. Some of the party members wanted to go back to the pool room and try to discover what more of them did. The rest wanted to get away. Finally the party split. Three of them want to the pool, the rest stayed hidden near the entrance… Any bets on how many made it back?

Things happened pretty predictably. The halfling thief who had guzzled some amazing wine saw it again and discovered he was addicted, drinking himself unconcious. The other two, a barbarian and whatever K was playing, shrugged and left him drooling while they tried more of the pools. Then they approached this one pool that was filled with a green slimy liquid…

K said, “I scoop out some of it with my dagger…” and everyone else at the table started to interject because you know magic pools, green and slimy… However as hands/fingers were rising and exclamations being uttered, K continued with “and divide it up into three sections.” Everyone paused because he had a plan. *sad head shake* He then touched one of the piles… That’s not what killed him though.

So the green slime started eating it’s way up his hand. We were all a bit stunned at what just happened there. He got up and started running down the line of pools plunging his arm into them to see if they would help, all the while the barbarian running alongside screaming “Should I cut it off?! Should I cut it off?!” and being ignored by K. After 3 to 5 pools his arm was gone and it was starting to eat into his torso, whereupon he leapt into the next pool. The pool of concentrated acid.

… … … … … The most WTF part of that being how his ‘plan’ successfully shortcircuited any attempt to save him.