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The frog lived down in a well where there was all he had to live. One day, a softshelled turtle came by and told him about the sea. 'The sea? Hah! It's paradise in here. Nothing can be better than this well. Why don't you come down and share my joy?' The turtle tried, and failed as the mouth of the well was too small. 'Why don't you go see the sea instead? During Yu the Great's reign, there was flooding for nine out of ten years, yet the sea barely grew an inch. During Tang of Shang's reign, droughts were experienced in seven out of eight years, yet the sea hardly shrank. Being unaffected by such disasters is the joy of living in the sea.' Moral: Some ignorant people know nothing aside from their own world.From Wikipedia article on the fable.
5e Links I Love

Donjon — Lots and lots of lists and random generators for many systems.

5e SRD — Doesn’t include official content that isn’t part of the SRD, still really useful reference.

DND 5th Edition Wiki — List of feats and where they come from.

DND 5th Edition Wiki — The official backgrounds in one easy list.

DanD Wiki — Even more background options.

Unearthed Arcana — Interesting tidbits in playtest articles.

Character Musingss

Thinking about two characters for an interesting 5e game. Rolled stats, anything officially released by Wizards, plus UA.

Arum — Funky 4e style guardian.

Ted — The clumsiest wizard you’ll ever meet. He meant to do that!